Bruno Di Marco
Incaricato Locale 2023/2024
Francesca Lattanzi
Amministratore Locale 2023/2024
Martina Magro
Segretario Locale 2023/2024
Desideria Ienna
LPO - Local Officer on Public Health 2023/2024
Paola Pardo
LORA - Local Officer on Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV/AIDS 2023/2024
Francesco D’Anniballe
LOME - Local Officer on Medical Education 2023/2024
Mariacristina Assenza
LORP - Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace 2023/2024
Nicolò Testa
LORE - Local Officer on Research Exchange 2023/2024
Sara Monteleone
LEO Out - Local Exchange Officer for Outgoings 2023/2024
Simone Bruno
LEO In - Local Exchange Officer for Incomings 2023/2024